Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cingular Blackjack making an Impact in the Smartphone World!

We've been hard at work implementing new features such as a live help chat area, easier navigation for our customers, and mainly our all new complete phone list which features the entire list of over 200 phones we now offer for all top cellular carriers. 
In the midst of all our building and additions, we noticed our traffic had picked up, mainly hits from Yahoo Search, and our Cingular Blackjack page is what was getting all this new attention. At 1/2 inch thick and lighter than most flip phones, the Cingular Samsung BlackJack I607 is definitely grabbing attention. Packed with features such as its top of the line E-mail capability with full back lit QWERTY keyboard, not to mention its access to Cingular TV and Cingular Music, near broadband Internet, a camera/camcorder, bluetooth, and music player. This phone will definitely keep you busy during down times, or keep you informed and have all the necessities when your on the run. 
Being one of the worlds smallest and lightest smart phones, combined with the media attention this phone has received, it has broken itself out as one of our top selling current phones, and we intend to make this one a big part of our new plan to expand and give our customers more of what they want! For anyone looking to purchase the Blackjack and would like a full run down, we recommend checking out's Cingular Blackjack Review for an unbiased run down of the phone and its features, complete with comparisons to other current Smartphones on the market!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Phone INVASION! is now offering 2 of the hottest new phones on the market. First, the "World's Smallest Phone," the Pantech C300 is here, hot off numerous commercials and ads seen across the country. This phone is both the lightest and smallest phone to ever hit the market. The Pantech C300 comes loaded with features despite its small size, including two color displays, a VGA-quality camera, speakerphone, real music ringtones and picture, text and instant messaging. The best part about it's arrival is, we've secured one of the best offers we've ever been able to make available! 

The Pantech C300 is FREE with new contracts. Be sure to check out this deal as visitors have come in droves to our site to catch this awesome deal!  Our next phone that we now offer is a personal favorite of ours to announce. We have literally waited months to be able to offer this phone, but Cingular has kept it exclusive due to the initial huge demand. But finally, we our proud to announce, we now offer the Motorola SLVR! 

This is the phone that is the total package that puts together all of the great features from numerous phones and packs them into 1 super slim phone! When we say total package on this one we mean it! We're talking the slim model of the Razr, the Apple Itunes playing ability of the Rokr, add in both a camera AND camcorder, bluetooth capability, and a huge battery life, etc. etc. etc., and you have the Slvr. This is definitely the worlds smallest Itunes player, and probably the most you can get out of such a small package. This phone is the biggest addition to our site to date, and this one is going to take us to another level in Telecom. Check out our great deal on it by clicking above, and don't forget, we also have the brand new PINK Slvr available now!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cellular Customers Will Love Chocolate!

That's right, you heard it here first, Chocolate is coming to the cellular industry...although it's not in edible form...its in the form of the latest super phone from LG. 
The LG Chocolate will be the first phone that will be able to play streaming music VCAST music or PC transferred files via the built in MP3 Player. The phone also has a huge rundown with features that suit just about everyone. 
Features include: Bluetooth capability, Photo Print quality Digital Camera, Expandable Memory, Advanced Dialing, Graphic Equalizer, VCAST, and MORE. This is the phone that many have speculated will do away with the need for an Ipod, as this phone doubles as phone and MP3 player all in 1 package. 
The Verizon Chocolate is now available in stores, and right now orders are being taken online at the Verizon Chocolate site, which has just launched and specializes in everything involving this hot new phone. also carries the chocolate in white, green, and cherry! And now to honor the sites official launch, has the Chocolate for a limited time special internet price of only $129.99! Customers can make their order and be one the first to experience what is sure to be the hottest seller for Verizon by far at the lowest price available.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Verizon Q Has Arrived!!!

 We at are proud to announce that the highly acclaimed Verizon Q is now available. 

This phone/PDA is packed with just about any feature you can think of. From a full web browser to full featured e-mail supports, Bluetooth streaming music, 1.3 megapixel camera, all the way to the ability to view Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF documents. Add in the ultra thin Razr design, and the ability to get high speed downloads right from the palm of your hand, and this phone is the ultimate cellular package currently on the scene. For people on the go, you couldn't ask for more. We expect this phone to jump up our list of hottest sellers in record time. For the past few months since our launch, 

Cingular has brought us the most traffic to our site with the wide variety of popular phones offered, and now we are expanding even more to bring you more variety in phones and carriers. The Verizon Q will welcome Verizon to our site in a major way and will also be the first device of it's kind to be featured on Our introductory special on this device has this phone going for only $169.99. That includes are popular free 2 day shipping via FedEx AND a free Motorola Bluetooth headset! (60 dollar value!) So we'll let you dive into the information on this phone and see for yourself the power this device packs, its much too much to list here in this blog, therefore we give you, the Verizon Q!

Thursday, June 29, 2006 --- Not just Cell Phones!

 Today we're going to take a look at our website as a whole and share some information about what exactly we provide. At first glance, you'll see the main focus of our website is finding customers great deals on all top cell phone carriers. But after spending some time at our site, you'll see that we are growing daily and adding new telecom related services daily. These are all necessary steps in building the telecom super site that we hope will be one day! One of the biggest questions when talking to people about our site is: "Wow that's a really cool job, how can I get into something like this?" Well we've finally added information on how you too can get involved in the telecom sales business. We've included all the information on our latest page: Telecom Business Opportunity . We know there's a demand for a reliable business opportunity that doesn't require any sort of cost, after all we're all trying to MAKE extra money, and we don't want to pay to have the opportunity to do so. We have been with this business for many years and it has provided a very straightforward opportunity with out any kind of costs or hidden fees popping up.
Aside from great cell phone prices, we also have a plethora of telecom related services such as our real-time business T1 search tool. With this tool you can search and compare the best prices in business T1 data high speed internet, until you find the perfect deal for you. We also have a page dedicated to one of the best Dish Network deals currently available: 4 rooms installed free, free digital video recorders, free lifetime warranty, and free starz movie for 3 months.
We will continue to feature competitive deals on almost every product or service we offer on our site, and will be adding more and more as the months go by. We are in hopes that as our design team is hard at work building an even more extensive, all the hard work and time that has been put in will continue to build our presence in the top search engines like MSN and Yahoo, which will further help us achieve our goal of bring our customers the absolute lowest rates anywhere!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Motorola Rokr with Itunes is's Most Searched Phone!

With technology steadily moving forward, it was quite obvious that many hand held devices would one day come together as 1 single device. The Motorola Rokr was a giant step in that direction, as it was the first phone that doubled as an MP3 Player. Now instead of having to carry a phone in one pocket, and your Ipod in the other, Motorola devised the Rokr, which comes complete with Apple Itunes, which holds 100 songs. With the surround sound speakers and headset, and the ability to transfer songs to and from your computer with the USB cable, this makes total sense for anyone wanting to minimize the amount of hand held devices they're carrying around.

We're featuring the Rokr today because we've noticed that our page for the Rokr is one of our most featured page in major search engines including google. We realize that this page has been on fire lately because we have quite possibly, the hottest deal out there on the Rokr. For a limited time, its available absolutely FREE with a new service plan. That's right, you pay NOTHING today. Just sign up for a new service plan, and the Motorola Rokr with Itunes is included completely free. So we'll give you the special link page to this great offer, then click through to the order page and you'll see that for a limited time, you pay NOTHING today. See this great deal on our Rokr Page: Free Cingular Rokr

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Motorola Razr V3 for T-Mobile Review

 Today we are sharing a great review on the Motorola Razr V3 for T-Mobile that was written exclusively for our site and gives a great unbiased opinion of the phone and the service provided by T-Mobile. In this blog we'll try to keep everything unbiased and will report any good or bad news or findings on any certain phone. This is still one of the hottest models out there and is coming out with more and more different colors for all carriers. 

Here is the beginning of the review, the direct link to the full review is below. "This phone is one of the hottest models out there, originally released by Cingular, I picked this one up when I heard it was coming out for T-Mobile. The ultra thin design is an eye catcher and probably the biggest reason people go for this phone. When I got it I saw the features were pretty good. Not only does it have a camera built in but also video capture. You can only capture 15 seconds at a time, but still its not a bad feature. The phone is Internet ready if you pay a little extra to T-mobile to get access. The MP3 ring tones are also a plus...." 

Friday, June 23, 2006

Sony Ericsson w600 Walkman Phone for Cingular Making Waves!

 Today we're taking a look at another phone that's getting a lot of attention here at, the Sony Ericsson w600 Walkman phone for Cingular. We've been getting a ton of traffic to our page for this phone, and we're not surprised by it. This phone is the first phone that doubles as a walkman. It also features FM stereo radio. It features Bluetooth wireless technology along with a huge internal memory and a long battery life. And add on a megapixel camera to the long list of features on this phone. 

These phones are flying out our doors, but being this phone doubles as phone and walkman, your getting a 2 in 1 deal on this one, and on top of everything, we've added this phone to our list of phones that are FREE after rebate! So if anyone is on the lookout for this phone, check out our full rundown and special deal to get yours now! 

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cingular Motorola Blue Razr now available at!

Today we're taking a look at newest and definitely one of the hottest selling phones on -- the Cingular Motorola Blue Razr. The Razr model has been one of our biggest all time sellers in the various colors we've offered it, and now the Blue Razr is no different. It is definitely a completely packaged phone, with its cool blue aluminum shell, ultra thin design with etched keypad, bluetooth capability, streaming multimedia, and VGA Resolution, 4x zoom digital camera. 

This phone definitely has a great look to it, and all the features to go along with it. Best part for our customers is that this phone is free after rebates, so there is a good reason these have been flying out our doors! For the full run down on this phone, check it out at Cingular Blue Razr.

Monday, June 19, 2006

KISS Provides Inspiration for!

Being a big Kiss fan, i regularly keep up with Kiss's official site at Recently the site has featured interviews with all 4 current band members: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, and Eric Singer. 

Most recently my attention was caught first by comments by Gene Simmons on work ethic and how if you really enjoy your work, you never really need a day off. Gene has numerous projects going on and is a true success story. Then yesterday i read the interview with Paul Stanley and found this paragraph to be very true and it really made me hope i can apply this mentality to my own work here at 

"Well life is what you make it. In life we can either choose to be a victim and complain about our position or we change it. We can either complain about things that happened in the past or we can move on. I’m a big believer in you determining your life and that philosophy means that I don’t put boundaries or limitations on what I can do in my life, whether it’s professional or personal. So that’s the attitude that has always been part of KISS and that’s my attitude in life." -- Paul Stanley

Welcome to's Official Blog!

Welcome to's Official Blog. This is the place where our customers can keep up with our latest news whether it be a new phone model, or a new feature added to the site. We will keep you updated as we continue in adding more and more of what you want in everything cell phone related. Right now our Cingular Family Plans are a big seller as well as our recently added Motorola Blue Razr. Also our renewals and upgrades for current Cingular customers have brought in many customers recently, and we hope to offer the same service for all other major carriers soon!