Saturday, October 13, 2007

Motorola Signs Deal with Fergie, Unveils the Moto U9!

Well the Motorola U9 has been unveiled, and Motorola is going the extra mile to promote the phone, as they have signed Grammy award winner and multi platinum star Fergie to front the campaign for the Moto U9. Motorola's exclusive arrangement with Fergie will provide some markets exclusive content on the phone, promotional activities, and TV and print campaigns.

"Fergie is a GRAMMY Award-winning, multi-platinum superstar artist as well as a woman on the cutting edge of modern style. She is the perfect icon to help us communicate to consumers that style and music are integral to people as a way to express themselves - and that MOTO U9 embodies those qualities," said Joni Christensen, director of Global Music Marketing, Mobile Devices, Motorola.

So the way I see it, Motorola has created an upcoming super seller of a phone by signing one of the hottest artists out there, who is basically the queen (or dutchess) of endorsements, as she also has current deals with Candies, Kipling, Verizon, and others, all which have benefited greatly by using Fergie as their spokesperson. As for the phone, it is packed with features and a sleek design that will meet the technical demands as well. Here is a rundown of just some of the features for the Moto U9:

*Store up to 1,000 songs with the optional 4 GB microSD memory card5.
*Easy to download and sync your music with Windows Media Player6.
*MP3 music player with dedicated touch sensor buttons.
*Choose from a variety of floating animated external screen savers.
*Integrated stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology2.
*CrystalTalk™ technology helps deliver crystal clear voice quality in noisy environments.
*Talking phone gives you a voice readout while dialing numbers or receiving a call.
*Fast downloads from your PC to your phone with USB 2.07.
*25 MB internal user memory3.
*Touch sensitive music keys appear on the front flip when in music mode.
*Combination of metallic gloss finish and soft feel for a visual and tactile rich experience.
*Small, curvaceous, seamless form, designed to be thin and lightweight.
*2 mega-pixel camera with digital zoom captures high quality pictures.
*User interface with new main menu, offering grid, list and new spinner view.

No word yet on an exact release date, but being the promotional campaign has already begun, its believed the phone will be released very soon. Also the carrier for this phone has not been specified, although Verizon will most likely carrier it, and possibly others. For the full information on the phone, check out the Moto U9 Page.

Friday, October 05, 2007

ATT Phone Upgrade- More Information for Existing Customers

We have posted before about the ATT Upgrade process. If an existing AT&T Cingular user wants a new phone, it only makes sense to upgrade their phone with an online contract renewal.

I came across an article that explains how upgrading your cell phone will save you money:

Save Money on Cellular Upgrade Your Phone

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Verizon Answers the iPhone with the LG Voyage!

As I figured a while back, the iPhone madness has caused other carriers to jump on the bandwagon and see if they could offer something similar or even better, as the iPhone has set a new standard in the cell industry. Below is a guest blog from Random Villain who does a great rundown of the LG Voyage and some of the other upcoming Verizon phones, as he is a satisfied Verizon customer who is glad to see Verizon releasing some revolutionary phones as well: "I am a happy Verizon customer. Great service, never a dropped call. All is good and happy. I really wanted an iPhone though so I was a little bummed when I found out that Verizon would not be carrying it. Well with high demand for Verizon to get the iPhone by its customers. Verizon decided the only thing they could do is come out with their own version of the iPhone as well as a couple other new phones. Verizon isn't kidding around this fall, with four new fashionable phones, a couple of which might divert a few iPhone dollars from arch rival AT&T......" 

Read the Full Blog Here: Verizon LG Voyage Answers iPhone. Check out all of the latest Verizon phones on our Verizon Family Share Plan page

Monday, October 01, 2007

Disney Mobile is Closing Down, Where do Kids Phones Go From Here?

Well I was pretty surprised to run across the news on that Disney Mobile was closing up shop. Anytime I read something with the word Disney attached to it, I assume it will be successful, that's just how Disney usually works. But apparently not on this go around. Earlier in the year, they closed up Mobile ESPN which they also ran, but I figured Disney would dominate the market for kid phones. 

Apparently their "Family Center" feature was very popular and Disney is looking to shop that feature around to a major carrier to be featured later on, although Sprint and Verizon already offer similar programs. Family Center allows parents to see where there kids handset is on a map, and they are also able to restrict their kid's data and voice usage. The company had actually received much positive feedback for the services they provided, but the real issue is they're just not able to compete in the carrier wars that are at a competitive height right now. 

The company will provide service to subscribers through December 31, however they will announce a reimbursement and porting program by October 8. For anyone currently shopping for kids phones, AT&T offers the Firefly Kids Phone free for both new and upgrading AT&T Customers. You can order the Firefly on our AT&T Firefly Order Page.