Wednesday, April 05, 2017

What Can the Galaxy S8 Do That the iPhone can't?

iPhone against Galaxy S8

Our series on the excitement for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 release continues as today we take a look on what exactly the S8 has that the iPhone doesn't.

When it comes down to choosing between iPhone or Galaxy, the features are really where it's at and it seems that Samsung understood that they had to go above and beyond in this area if they wanted to lure away any loyal Apple followers; whether they accomplish their goal or not remains to be seen, but they have definitely upped their game as the S8 features a few things that may have customers asking "can your iPhone do that?"

So below is the list of awesome things and features the S8 has that the iPhone doesn't, at least not yet:

1. Bigger screens - if you like a lot of screen, the S8 will beat the iPhone 7 with almost an inch more space depending on the version.

2. Wireless charging - that's right, you can charge the Galaxy S8 wirelessly with a wireless charging pad; fast charging is an option as well.

3. Unlock your phone with its iris scanner - gone are the days of fingerprint scanning, as the Galaxy S8 will be able to unlock by looking into your eyes!

4. Unlock with a "selfie" - don't prefer an iris OR fingerprint scan? The S8 has you covered as facial recognition lets you unlock with a selfie.

5. Samsung Pay can make payments on standard credit card readers.

6. Standard headphone jack - miss the days of just plugging in a pair of headphones without hassle? The S8 brings this back after Apple famously removed it with the iPhone 7.

7. Virtual reality software - as mentioned in our original Galaxy S8 post, customers who preordered the phone will get a VR headset, and the software for it will be ready to go.

8. Plug the S8 into a monitor, keyboard, and mouse and run a desktop version on a computer.

9. Built-in heart rate sensor - no need to buy an Apple Watch or any other accessory to get your heart rate, the S8 has the sensor right on the back of the phone!

10. Bixby - We mentioned the new AI-voice assistant "Bixby" before, and it just seems to sound better and better. Taking a picture of an item to bring up more information, shopping links, and locations is something Siri can't do (yet) and will likely set a new standard for AI-voice assistance.

So there you have it, if you're on the fence on switching over to the Samsung Galaxy or waiting it out for the release of the iPhone 8, we hope these features will ultimately help you make your decision.

Source: Business Insider

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