Monday, January 23, 2017

Sprint Acquires Stake in Tidal, Cell Phone Exclusives Promised

 Having previously partnered with Sprint to release his last album, Jay Z is no stranger to cell phone exclusives.

Now comes word that Sprint has acquired a 33% stake in Tidal, Hov's streaming platform. Of course, Tidal has been in the news a lot. Recently, they added a service that lets users edit some aspects of songs. In addition, higher quality audio tracks have been added.

Despite star power and recent efforts, Tidal has been through it's share of negative publicity and feedback, as well. You know, like that time Prince's estate sued Roc Nation over Tidal streaming rights.  So, while Prince's masters may not have been left safe and sound, this Sprint partnership may yet bring Tidal all the way up.

Look for Sprint to offer exclusive material from Tidal owner-artists, which is an impressive list of names in multiple genres.