Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Cell Phone Blog

We have decided to start the new Cell Saver Blog. We wanted a company blog hosted on our own site mostly for updating company news and updates on our main sites. Blog.ultracellsaver debuted on April 20. The blog you are reading now will be free to publish broader wireless news and be less self-promotional in nature.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Verizon Introduces New Messaging Only Plans

Verizon is taking note that many cell phone users these days, actually don't use the phone for talking much anymore, if at all. The popularity of text messaging and mobile IM services has sky rocketed over the years, so Verizon is giving the people who text more than talk some options. Verizon is introducing new plans that will cost $34.99 per month, and will include unlimited text, IM, picture, and video messaging, with a per minute voice rate .40 cents a minute. Blackberry and PDA users will have plans for $54.99 per month, with .25 per minute voice rate. 

Both plans feature the option to add mobile E-mail to the plan for an extra 5 bucks. These new plans make a lot of sense, because I personally know people that hardly EVER use their phone to talk, but text every second. It's similar to how there are some people that absolutely hate texting, and would rather talk on the phone, well now both types of users will have phone plan options to suit them. This move may also bring Verizon more business, because I"m sure there are people out there who hate their current plan, and are paying a lot for minutes that they never use. Now Verizon gives those people the option to switch to their service, and pay for what their using the most. 

I predict we'll see the other carriers jump on board rather quickly, and offer similar plans, so their customers can also have more flexibility with their phone plans, and not be forced to pay for minutes they don't need or won't use.