Thursday, May 15, 2008

T-Mobile Adds Message Blocking Feature to Block Text Spam

For any of you who have received unwanted advertisements, texts form unknown numbers, or maybe just bombarded by someone you know that sits around and texts you 100 times a day and wasting all your monthly messages, T-Mobile has added a feature that can filter out phone numbers or even words in a subject so they won't reach your phone. This feature will be highly useful with the ever growing problem of text spam now reaching cell phones. 

The other major carriers will most likely also have to feature some sort of blocking option, because spammers are hitting cell phones more, and more and more customers will be refusing to pay for messages they didn't want, and even those customers with unlimited texting plans, will no doubt become fed up with constant spam texts, just as email users are already fed up with spam attacks that have gone on for years. 

For T-mobile customers, instructions on how to use the text blocking feature can be found on the T-Mobile Website.


Unknown said...

If your provider does not offer text message blocking, there is a company that provides those services: Textguard ( In addition to blocking, you can store and monitor textmessages and phone calls!

Adam said...

Good reading your poost