Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cellular Customers Will Love Chocolate!

That's right, you heard it here first, Chocolate is coming to the cellular industry...although it's not in edible form...its in the form of the latest super phone from LG. 
The LG Chocolate will be the first phone that will be able to play streaming music VCAST music or PC transferred files via the built in MP3 Player. The phone also has a huge rundown with features that suit just about everyone. 
Features include: Bluetooth capability, Photo Print quality Digital Camera, Expandable Memory, Advanced Dialing, Graphic Equalizer, VCAST, and MORE. This is the phone that many have speculated will do away with the need for an Ipod, as this phone doubles as phone and MP3 player all in 1 package. 
The Verizon Chocolate is now available in stores, and right now orders are being taken online at the Verizon Chocolate site, which has just launched and specializes in everything involving this hot new phone. also carries the chocolate in white, green, and cherry! And now to honor the sites official launch, has the Chocolate for a limited time special internet price of only $129.99! Customers can make their order and be one the first to experience what is sure to be the hottest seller for Verizon by far at the lowest price available.

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