Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Cingular Motorola Blue Razr now available at UltraCellSaver.com!

Today we're taking a look at newest and definitely one of the hottest selling phones on UltraCellSaver.com -- the Cingular Motorola Blue Razr. The Razr model has been one of our biggest all time sellers in the various colors we've offered it, and now the Blue Razr is no different. It is definitely a completely packaged phone, with its cool blue aluminum shell, ultra thin design with etched keypad, bluetooth capability, streaming multimedia, and VGA Resolution, 4x zoom digital camera. 

This phone definitely has a great look to it, and all the features to go along with it. Best part for our customers is that this phone is free after rebates, so there is a good reason these have been flying out our doors! For the full run down on this phone, check it out at Cingular Blue Razr.

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