Wednesday, June 25, 2008

T-Mobile Now Has Prorated Early Termination Fees Too

A few weeks back, I posted about the news that AT&T introduced prorated early termination fees, and speculated in that post that other major carriers would probably be jumping on the bandwagon as not to be outdone by AT&T. Well it didn't take long, as T-Mobile is introducing their own prorated ETF plan.

Rather than AT&T's method of reducing the cost each month, T-Mobile will drop its $200 fee to $100 during the last 3-6 months of a contract, during the last 3 months it drops to $50, and for customers with 30 days or less left on their contract, they will either pay $50 or the amount of the last month of service, whichever is less. 

As I mentioned before, the cellular industry is definitely listening to unhappy customers who feel they shouldn't have to pay a huge termination fee even if they've kept the service for over half the length of the contract. Now that two of the biggest cellular companies are on board with prorated ETF's, there's no way that this won't be a standard practice with any major carrier before long.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

T-Mobile Introduces Unlimited Family Plans

Beginning today, T-Mobile now offers new unlimited family plans. The new plans will require the first phone on the plan will have to subscribe to T-Mobile's $99 unlimited everything plan, which includes voice minutes, text, IM, etc. 

After the first phone, each additional phone will cost $49 per month, but will also feature unlimited everything. These plans will simplify things for families that want to go all out with no limits on their cell phone usage. Some families have 5 or more phones even on their plans these days, so going through and picking different options for each phone can be a hassle for some, so T-Mobile is laying out this simple deal that gives customers everything without hassle, in this very straight forward approach. 

With more and more people using cell phones as part of their daily life, unlimited service is basically they only way to go if they want to avoid sky high usage charges.