Thursday, June 29, 2006 --- Not just Cell Phones!

 Today we're going to take a look at our website as a whole and share some information about what exactly we provide. At first glance, you'll see the main focus of our website is finding customers great deals on all top cell phone carriers. But after spending some time at our site, you'll see that we are growing daily and adding new telecom related services daily. These are all necessary steps in building the telecom super site that we hope will be one day! One of the biggest questions when talking to people about our site is: "Wow that's a really cool job, how can I get into something like this?" Well we've finally added information on how you too can get involved in the telecom sales business. We've included all the information on our latest page: Telecom Business Opportunity . We know there's a demand for a reliable business opportunity that doesn't require any sort of cost, after all we're all trying to MAKE extra money, and we don't want to pay to have the opportunity to do so. We have been with this business for many years and it has provided a very straightforward opportunity with out any kind of costs or hidden fees popping up.
Aside from great cell phone prices, we also have a plethora of telecom related services such as our real-time business T1 search tool. With this tool you can search and compare the best prices in business T1 data high speed internet, until you find the perfect deal for you. We also have a page dedicated to one of the best Dish Network deals currently available: 4 rooms installed free, free digital video recorders, free lifetime warranty, and free starz movie for 3 months.
We will continue to feature competitive deals on almost every product or service we offer on our site, and will be adding more and more as the months go by. We are in hopes that as our design team is hard at work building an even more extensive, all the hard work and time that has been put in will continue to build our presence in the top search engines like MSN and Yahoo, which will further help us achieve our goal of bring our customers the absolute lowest rates anywhere!

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