Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Motorola Rokr with Itunes is's Most Searched Phone!

With technology steadily moving forward, it was quite obvious that many hand held devices would one day come together as 1 single device. The Motorola Rokr was a giant step in that direction, as it was the first phone that doubled as an MP3 Player. Now instead of having to carry a phone in one pocket, and your Ipod in the other, Motorola devised the Rokr, which comes complete with Apple Itunes, which holds 100 songs. With the surround sound speakers and headset, and the ability to transfer songs to and from your computer with the USB cable, this makes total sense for anyone wanting to minimize the amount of hand held devices they're carrying around.

We're featuring the Rokr today because we've noticed that our page for the Rokr is one of our most featured page in major search engines including google. We realize that this page has been on fire lately because we have quite possibly, the hottest deal out there on the Rokr. For a limited time, its available absolutely FREE with a new service plan. That's right, you pay NOTHING today. Just sign up for a new service plan, and the Motorola Rokr with Itunes is included completely free. So we'll give you the special link page to this great offer, then click through to the order page and you'll see that for a limited time, you pay NOTHING today. See this great deal on our Rokr Page: Free Cingular Rokr

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