Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cell Phone Upgrade Deals Relaunch Press Release

We previously posted that parent site UltraCellSaver has relaunched and added a new official Facebook page.

We are delighted with the Facebook reception, as UCS already has over 1000 fans!

In addition, we commissioned the following Press Release to announce the re-launch of the website and reinforce the focus of the business, which is to specialize in helping existing wireless customers upgrade their cell phones with the service of their choice (existing or porting), while keep their numbers.


UltraCellSaver.com Relaunch Cell Phone Upgrade Deals

Ultra Cell Saver.com announce the re-launch of their new and enhanced cell phone comparison website. Since their site first launched, Ultra Cell Saver have been empowering consumers who are looking to upgrade their cell phones without losing service quality and pricing. Now, in an attempt to better serve their visitors, they have re-designed the website to show all of the information in an easily viewable manner. Their front page lists all of the information visitors need to know about getting better cell phone upgrade deals. Currently, UltraCellSaver.com actively collects and scours the internet for the best deals. They list opportunities where consumers can pick up completely free phones – including smartphones with most carriers.

Because Ultra Cell Saver works with all major providers, they are able to present and display the best cell phone deals from around the United States. As their website explains, consumers are able to order premium ATT phones for as low as $0.01 when coupled with a 2-year agreement.

To learn more about UltraCellSaver and browse their selection of cell phone upgrade deals, head over to: http://www.ultracellsaver.com/

Friday, January 18, 2013

UltraCellSaver.com Relaunches and Debuts Official Facebook Page!

Just a quick update for our Cell Plan Blog readers to let you know that our parent site - UltraCellSaver.com - has officially relaunched and has also debuted an official Facebook page.  Ultra Cell Saver has been the leader in cell phone discounts and savings for over 8 years now, and continues to deliver the best deals from AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, and more.  Whether it's a new plan, prepaid, family plans, or upgrade, UCS can customize to suit the deal you need.

The launch of the official UCS Facebook will allow even more interaction with customers as well as the ability to provide readers with the latest news and releases from the cellular world.  We have already invited some of our regular customers to join us on Facebook and would now look forward to connecting with others interested in saving money on their cell phone plans and equipment.