Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tablets vs. Smartphones: Where is Technology Headed?

All the current buzz about the iPad 3 got me thinking about technology and how all these devices have become a part of most people's every day lives.  The iPad really got the whole tablet movement going, but now there are plenty of alternatives out there when it comes to tablets.  

All of this doesn't mean smartphones have slowed down in the least, as iPhones are also just as hot and almost every other company has tons of smartphone options that are huge sellers.  Being tablets are pretty much a hybrid of a smartphone and a laptop, where do these devices stand as technology continues to advance?

To me it has always seemed that tablets were just bigger versions of smartphones.  Same touchscreen, same basic functions, just a larger screen that made games and videos/movies more appealing.  Now there are keyboards and stands that turn tablets into laptops basically, so tablets have really turned into "everything devices."  The main factor here is size.  Tablets are great to pull out a home or any place where you can sit down and relax for a while, but when someone is on the go, the smartphone is still the go-to device when it comes to convenience.

It seems like the size factor will be the main reason tablets don't fully take over as the top media device.  The main improvement of the iPad 3 that I've heard about is how vibrant the screen is, which makes it appealing for customers that enjoy throwing a movie on anywhere in your house or a hotel, but it's still too big to haul around and use in the car or while walking around a public place.  While the size factor is there, it does seem like the iPad is moving toward being as smartphone-like as possible, even adding features such as a camera on later versions. 

Maybe I"m wrong, maybe there is a hybrid device that will come along and do away with the need for a phone, laptop, tablet, PC, etc.  I don't think the tablet is it, not yet at least.  Phones are the option for needing something portable, but can't deliver the big screen for movies that is the appeal of tablets.  Tablets do lack the one basic thing that started it all, which is talking.  No one is going to hold a tablet to their ear and try to have a conversation with anyone, so phones still have that over tablets, but then again we are inching closer and closer to a world that only communicates through texting/Skype/Facebook etc.

What device do you use/prefer?  Do u still see a need for both a smartphone and a tablet?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Verizon Droid Cell Phone Reviews

Since starting this blog, we have noticed a great deal of interest in cell phone reviews. Our old wireless commerce site specialized in Cingular, which became AT&T Wireless. We intended to use this blog to highlight online deals on AT&T phones and service plans.
Over time, the focus of wireless providers has changed. AT&T has focused on the Apple iPhone and its subsequent updates- like The iPhone 4s. Of course, that makes a lot of sense. Millions of people have iPhones, and it will probably always be the "cool" phone to own. However, Apple's exclusive arrangement with AT&T and focus on developing a handset that was much more than a phone led to innovation within other manufacturers and carriers. While the old BlackBerry smartphone has declined in popularity, especially for personal use, the Droid line of smartphones has become quite a success. Verizon Wireless has led the way in this regard.

Now the majority of our visitors are not just looking for good deals- they are looking for Cell Phone Reviews. And more times than not, they are looking for reviews of Verizon Cell Phones and/or Droid smartphones.

Our most recent review post here was a Motorola Droid Razr Review.

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