Friday, March 24, 2017

Excited About the Red iPhone 7? Be Prepared to Pay the Price

The iPhone craze has been going on for many years with many consumers ready to buy every new model as soon as it hits the market; after so many years of popularity, it has to be hard for Apple to deliver any major changes to their formula that already works, but that's exactly what they've done with the new red model.

With a new hot model, of course a bigger price tag comes with it as the red iPhone will be available for $750 and the red iPhone Plus will be $850.  So $100 more than the normal cost just because of a color? Well, not exactly.  The new red iPhone is only available with 128GB or 256GB models, meaning the cheaper models won't be seeing this special red edition.

So besides wanting to look like one of the coolest iPhone owners, the next question is, do you need that much storage in this day and age of cloud and streaming services? I'm willing to bet many won't take this into consideration until after their purchase, because, new iPhone after all!

The new red special edition iPhone is available today, and we're willing to bet Apple Stores across the country will be packed throughout the weekend and beyond with dedicated Apple fans who want to get their hands on this model.  Is it worth the price tag to you? We look forward to seeing how big the red iPhone hype gets and if it causes Apple to continue their special edition releases.

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