Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Verizon Q Has Arrived!!!

 We at UltraCellSaver.com are proud to announce that the highly acclaimed Verizon Q is now available. 

This phone/PDA is packed with just about any feature you can think of. From a full web browser to full featured e-mail supports, Bluetooth streaming music, 1.3 megapixel camera, all the way to the ability to view Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF documents. Add in the ultra thin Razr design, and the ability to get high speed downloads right from the palm of your hand, and this phone is the ultimate cellular package currently on the scene. For people on the go, you couldn't ask for more. We expect this phone to jump up our list of hottest sellers in record time. For the past few months since our launch, 

Cingular has brought us the most traffic to our site with the wide variety of popular phones offered, and now we are expanding even more to bring you more variety in phones and carriers. The Verizon Q will welcome Verizon to our site in a major way and will also be the first device of it's kind to be featured on UltraCellSaver.com. Our introductory special on this device has this phone going for only $169.99. That includes are popular free 2 day shipping via FedEx AND a free Motorola Bluetooth headset! (60 dollar value!) So we'll let you dive into the information on this phone and see for yourself the power this device packs, its much too much to list here in this blog, therefore we give you, the Verizon Q!

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