Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sprint Samsung Conquer Video Review from Attack of the Show

Even though we have featured many smartphone reviews, we realized that we tend to mainly feature the smartphones available for ATT Wireless and Verizon Wireless.  Smartphones have become so popular and it seems like everyone has one, but just about every carrier offers a selection of smartphones.

Sprint is still one of the top cell phone carriers, and there are still smartphones made exclusively for Sprint customers.  Today we have a review for the Samsung Conquer, the latest 4G smartphone available for Sprint.  The Conquer is noticeably lighter than most cell phones, a textured back for a good grip, and has a 3.5" display which is the same as the iPhone 4. The phone looks like a great choice for Sprint customers looking for a smartphone.  And of course, once again we have located the lowest price available online, so you can get the Samsung Conquer for only a penny!

Below is the full video review of the Samsung Conquer for Sprint from Attack of the Show:

Friday, September 16, 2011

HTC Status Video Review from Attack of the Show

Earlier this month we reported that the HTC Status had made our list of top AT&T Wireless phones on Amazon, and a couple months ago we even reported on the lowest price online for the HTC Status.  Now the Status is holding it's ground as one of the top smartphones in the industry, especially for users who use their phones especially for social networking.

Attack of the Show on G4 provides some great unbiased phone reviews that give the good and bad qualities on any given phone.  In this video they review the HTC Status and back up a lot of what we've been saying about it.  They also demonstrate how the Facebook button works, which is a feature that is heavily pushed for the phone.  You can share virtually anything on your phone with the simple press of a button, and the button even lights up when it detects something you might want to share. 

They do emphasize that the Status is the phone for you IF Facebook is the most important feature to you on a phone, but if not you may want to look for something else.  Check out the full AOTS review of the HTC Status below:

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Top AT&T Wireless Cell Phones at Amazon Wireless

AT&T Wireless Phones offered by Amazon Wireless:
When it comes to online cell phone vendors, Amazon Wireless has really stepped up lately. We have taken notice of their offers when it comes to popular cell phones, especially those offered by ATT Wireless. We have posted on some of their deal before, such as the AT&T HTC Status.

I thought I would share some more of the top AT&T deals currently available from Amazon Wireless. If you are looking to become a new AT&T customer or an existing customer looking for an att cell phone upgrade, Amazon Wireless offers some good deals.

1. Samsung Infuse 4G- I previously featured the Samsung Infuse 4G for ATT Wireless in a post back in May. It remains a great deal at Amazon Wireless.

2. Motorola Atrix 4G- Our Infuse post also mentioned some comparisons to the Atrix, which has favorable screen resolution.

3. Samsung Focus-

4. HTC Inspire 4G- In April, I posted about the HTC Inspire ATT Upgrade deal. The HTC Inspire 4G remains a great deal for existing or new AT&T Wireless customers.

ATT Wireless Removes A-List Calling Feature

It looks like AT&T is discontinuing A-List for new subscribers. A-List was an AT&T Wireless plan feature that allowed users to specify numbers that would be eligible for unlimited calling. Customers could choose 5 numbers on individual plans or share 10 on a family plan. This is very similar to the Friends and Family option I have on my Verizon Wireless Family Share Plan.

It appears A-List will still be available to current subscribers. AT&T recently removed all text messaging plans except for its $20 per month unlimited plan, and introduced Mobile to Mobile calling for subscribers of unlimited texts.

It is obvious that ATT is continuing with the industry wide push of unlimited cell phone plans that include messaging and calling.