Monday, January 15, 2007

Ohhh The enV!

The LG enV has arrived and is already a much talked about media experience. The many commercials currently airing catch peoples eye with the "phone to camera to smart phone" demonstrations. I've read many reviews that the enV isn't the complete smartphone that the Blackberry is, but is definitely a few steps above T-Mobile's Sidekick. 
The enV is packed with the usual Vcast streaming on demand TV and music, and also packs a 2.0 megapixel camera, stereo music player, camcorder, expandable memory, and hidden QWERTY keyboard for messaging. So basically this phone is a handheld entertainment machine with enough flash due to it's design to make its mark right now in the cellular industry. I see this phone gaining huge popularity in the younger demographic as opposed to the business demographic because of the flash and the catering to the growing number of text messagers out there, along with the camera/camcorder, as where other similiar smartphones cater to those in need of having all their business essentials with them at all times. 
We carry the LG enV right now in our store for only 79.99 after rebates, so stop by and pick it up if you want to be the......enV, of everyone you know.