Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cingular Blackjack making an Impact in the Smartphone World!

We've been hard at work implementing new features such as a live help chat area, easier navigation for our customers, and mainly our all new complete phone list which features the entire list of over 200 phones we now offer for all top cellular carriers. 
In the midst of all our building and additions, we noticed our traffic had picked up, mainly hits from Yahoo Search, and our Cingular Blackjack page is what was getting all this new attention. At 1/2 inch thick and lighter than most flip phones, the Cingular Samsung BlackJack I607 is definitely grabbing attention. Packed with features such as its top of the line E-mail capability with full back lit QWERTY keyboard, not to mention its access to Cingular TV and Cingular Music, near broadband Internet, a camera/camcorder, bluetooth, and music player. This phone will definitely keep you busy during down times, or keep you informed and have all the necessities when your on the run. 
Being one of the worlds smallest and lightest smart phones, combined with the media attention this phone has received, it has broken itself out as one of our top selling current phones, and we intend to make this one a big part of our new plan to expand and give our customers more of what they want! For anyone looking to purchase the Blackjack and would like a full run down, we recommend checking out's Cingular Blackjack Review for an unbiased run down of the phone and its features, complete with comparisons to other current Smartphones on the market!

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