Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Motorola Razr Returns in Droid Form

Years ago before any iPhones or any smartphones at all, there was a phone that everyone had to have because it was the coolest and most unique on the market....that phone was the Motorola Razr.  The Razr was the prominent phone from Cingular (Now AT&T,) Verizon, T-Mobile, and eventually extended to just about every phone carrier available. The unique thin design and innovative features gave the Razr a long run as arguably the most popular cell phone at the time.  When the smartphone era took over, the Razr was pushed aside and a new era was upon us, little did I think I would be posting on the news that the Motorola Razr is coming back, and in Droid form.

You read that right, Motorola has announced that the Droid Razr is coming our way in early November.  The Droid Razr will once again innovate as it will be labeled "the world's thinnest smartphone" at 7.1 mm thick.  The phone will also feature a stainless-steel core, Gorilla Glass screen, and a splash guard that will even protect the inside of the phone.  The screen will be a 4.3 inch with HD resolution that will make for richer colors and higher contract than even the almighty iPhone 4s.  Motorola also added in that the Droid Razr will be the first device to download HD movies from Netflix.

This mega upgrade from the old days of the original Razr's is evident in each and every way.  The phone will even have the capability to save battery life by turning off features you may not be using at the time.  Finally they announced the Droid Razr's "most important feature," known as "MotoCast,"  which will allow users to stream content from their personal computers directly to their phones. 

For now it appears that Verizon Wireless will be the first carrier to get the Droid Razr, but I'm sure if the popularity of the phone skyrockets we will see it offers by other carriers eventually as well.  Will the Droid Razr bring the Razr back to prominence and give the Apple iPhone a run for it's money?  It sounds like it's packed with features that will definitely grab some attention and at least make it at the very least a contender.

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