Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Phone INVASION! is now offering 2 of the hottest new phones on the market. First, the "World's Smallest Phone," the Pantech C300 is here, hot off numerous commercials and ads seen across the country. This phone is both the lightest and smallest phone to ever hit the market. The Pantech C300 comes loaded with features despite its small size, including two color displays, a VGA-quality camera, speakerphone, real music ringtones and picture, text and instant messaging. The best part about it's arrival is, we've secured one of the best offers we've ever been able to make available! 

The Pantech C300 is FREE with new contracts. Be sure to check out this deal as visitors have come in droves to our site to catch this awesome deal!  Our next phone that we now offer is a personal favorite of ours to announce. We have literally waited months to be able to offer this phone, but Cingular has kept it exclusive due to the initial huge demand. But finally, we our proud to announce, we now offer the Motorola SLVR! 

This is the phone that is the total package that puts together all of the great features from numerous phones and packs them into 1 super slim phone! When we say total package on this one we mean it! We're talking the slim model of the Razr, the Apple Itunes playing ability of the Rokr, add in both a camera AND camcorder, bluetooth capability, and a huge battery life, etc. etc. etc., and you have the Slvr. This is definitely the worlds smallest Itunes player, and probably the most you can get out of such a small package. This phone is the biggest addition to our site to date, and this one is going to take us to another level in Telecom. Check out our great deal on it by clicking above, and don't forget, we also have the brand new PINK Slvr available now!

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