Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Can the Galaxy S8 Redeem Samsung? Will It Surpass the iPhone?

Galaxy S8 Price

We recently posted on the red iPhone craze and how Apple has been able to dominate the smartphone market since the iPhone's inception overall; but not EVERYone is a devoted Apple follower and many have been just waiting for another company to come along and develop a phone that goes beyond the iPhone's capabilities.  Samsung has been gained momentum over the years and their Galaxy smartphone has gone toe to toe with the iPhone for the past few years; now the forthcoming Galaxy S8 has a chance to possibly outdo Apple, at least for the short term.

No favors were done for Samsung after the controversy surrounding the Note 7 models catching fire, so the brand has to work extra hard to get the word out to consumers that the problems have been addressed and will not carry over to the S8.  Beyond that, the S8 is packed with features that are sure to grab attention and likely bring back  customers that were leery of choosing a Galaxy model after the Note 7 mishaps.

There was a great on USA Today that runs down all the features of the Galaxy S8 and it does sound like it will be a big draw on its April 21st release date. The phone will of course be water and dust resistant, will come in multiple colors, and will feature a new AI-voice assistant "Bixby," and it sounds like Bixby will be able to a lot of interesting things such as recognize books, wine, and other products.

Preorders for the S8 actually begin on March 30th, and a major perk of preordering is you will also get a free version of Samsung's new Gear VR headset.  The Samusung Galaxy S8 is set to start at $720 and if you prefer the bigger S8+ you'll be looking at about $840. 

This might be the big home run for Samsung as the Galaxy S8 looks like it will be an attention grabber right off the bat, and it will be even more interesting to see how Apple responds with their next round if iPhone technology.

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