Thursday, February 12, 2009

Verizon Wireless Set to Offer "Friends and Family" Plans

Verizon has announced that beginning February 15, they would be offering new plans that are similar to the service offered by the now Verizon owned Alltel, which has always offered the "My Circle Plan." 

Verizon will call their version the "Friends and Family Plan," and will be able to pick 5 or 10 numbers of friends or family, which will include landlines and numbers on other wireless networks, and the chosen numbers will not count against their monthly minutes. To get these new plans, customers must have a single line plan with at least 900 minutes (the 60 bucks a month plan) or a family share plan with at least 1,400 minutes (the 90 bucks a month plan.) And just like Alltel, the numbers in customers "circle" can change monthly, in case they want to use a new number or kick an old one out. 

Verizon once again keeps offering more and more options, and this one will definitely make more than a few people happy, since now they can save on minutes by saving when talking to the people they talk to most, and less worry about adding more and more minutes to accommodate their situation.

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