Thursday, February 26, 2009

Interesting Palm Centro Prom Time Cell Phone Promotion

This News is actually from last year, but fits the theme of the site and the season. I read a lot of industry news and publications about phones and wireless devices. I get a stack of mags that I read and skim at my leisure. Sometimes I am looking for something to write about, but usually I am just trying to keep up with cell phone news as part of my job in the telecom world. 

I was reading a magazine from March 2008 that had a little blurb about a Palm phone give away from prom season last year. An Organization called the Princess Project donates prom dresses to girls who want to go to the prom but really don't have the means to afford a nice dress. As part of a promotional tie-in ( and of course, helping a good cause), Palm gave away Palm Centro smartphones to the first 27 people at several screenings of the hit movie "27 Dresses." More specifically the first 27 people who donated prom dresses for The Princess Project.

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