Thursday, February 12, 2009

Samsung Announces Solar Powered Phone, the Blue Earth

Samsung announced it will be bringing a solar powered phone titled the "Blue Earth" to their handset lineup. 

The Blue Earth will be made from recycled materials that can use solar power to charge the battery. The phone was designed to look like a pebble, and features a touch screen, and the ability to go into a low power "eco-mode." And one very unique feature is that the phone has a built in pedometer that will let the user know how they are reducing emissions by walking instead of driving. The battery has a 5 star energy efficiency rating and uses very little power. I'm sure as word gets around on this phone, it has the potential to be a huge hit among those who want to "go green" and "save the trees" etc. 

Actually it really does show and tell you how many trees you have saved judging by the distance you've walked. Also if this phone turns out to be a hit, it could open up doors for many more earth friendly phones that will use solar energy and promote green living, and maybe even get more people interested in the cause. More info. on Samsung's Blue Earth phone will be available at next weeks Mobile World Congress.

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