Monday, May 26, 2008

ATT Launches the Pantech Breeze for More Traditional Users.

AT&T has launched the Pantech Breeze, which is actually a step backward in the world of the latest cell phones constantly outdoing the previous model. Apparently AT&T and/or Pantech have realized that there are some cellular users out there who prefer to stick to basics with their phone. 

Easy to use, gets the job done, no complications...well that is exactly what the Pantech Breeze brings to the table. A traditional clam shell style (a style that is fading some with all the new styles now available,) big easy to see numbers, one touch keys (for camera, speakerphone, and 3 contacts,) a simple interface, and large text on the screen. This phone could be a great choice for senior citizens who are in need of a cell phone, or maybe even users who just prefer a simple sell phone without the bells and whistles that most of the technologically advanced phones feature today. 

The Breeze may open some doors for people who have held back on getting a cell phone, although they still may be in need of some mobile communication.

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