Wednesday, May 28, 2008

AT&T Prorated Early Termination Fees Begin Today

In a move that will no doubt make many wireless customers happy, and also probably bring AT&T more business, the company began it's policy of prorating its early termination fees. This means that every month in a 1 or 2 year contract, the fee starts at $175, and will drop by 5 dollars each month. This makes perfect sense, as it just makes sense that someone who has had their phone for months or even over a year, should not have to pay the same termination fee as someone who just got it a month or so ago. 

ETF's have been a huge hassle and a huge problem for just about every carrier, and I personally have felt the wrath of horrible EFT setups, to the point where even if a carrier wasn't delivering the service properly, there was just no way out without getting nailed with a huge fee. Well at least now, AT&T is taking the steps necessary to give their customers some more options and flexibility. Not only are the ETF's now prorated, but AT&T also offers other options for customers who don't want to deal with termination fees or contracts at all, such as the ability to buy a phone at full price and going on a month to month service plan, bringing your own GSM device, buying an AT&T sim card, and going on a month to month plan that way, or of course going with an AT&T GoPhone and using their prepaid service. 

It's good to see a carrier realize that the hard nose approach of making people pay big money with little to no understanding in these situations, will simply not work and most customers will end up angry and leave the service for good. Hopefully the other big carriers will offer similar cancellation terms soon.

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