Wednesday, July 04, 2012 Updated Cell Phone Sales Website and Customer Service

Friends at pass along this new post on their official blog about the Updated UltraCellSaver Website and Mission Statement. In short, owners of UCS, which has focused on cell phone upgrades and helping customers transition to new AT&T Wireless plans over the last 6 years, have recognized some issues with the quality of their website recently and are working hard to improve the experience of their users. In addition, they want to re-dedicate their mission to customer service.

We have sent plenty of traffic to UCS over the years and will continue to do so. In the world of big online cell phone dealers, they have always stood out in providing unique service to their visitors. For example, if you go to many of the top online cell phone sites, AT&T phones just disappeared without a trace. UCS worked to continue to offer information and resources for ATT customers and continue to offer ATT upgrades. They also provide information on specific types of plans and features instead of just trying to sell cell phones without regards to the needs of customers. I also know that the owners will personally take time to answer inquiries and put together customized wireless package quotes.

I hope the website update goes well.

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