Tuesday, April 26, 2011

HTC Inspire Upgrade for Existing AT&T Customers

Recently there has been a lot of people searching for a free ATT HTC Inspire with upgrade, and it has become apparent that the Inspire is currently one of the hottest AT&T phones.  The Inspire has a ton of features that is making it such a popular phone, including a 4.3" WVGA Screen, Dolby Surround, 4G Speed, and a great social networking app just to name a few.

With virtually all phones these days being smartphones, the HTC had it's work cut out to stand out as a top Android phone.  From the HTC Sense for social networking, to the 8 mega-pixel camera with 720p camcorder for shooting HD video, the Inspire is packed with features.  While we haven't seen the phone for free just yet, we have seen it for $69.99 for upgrading customers and even less if for new customers.  The Inspire is a top notch Android phone and the low price is just one of the reasons it is currently one of AT&T's top selling phones.

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