Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Buy an Unlocked Apple iPhone

We have recently received a ton of questions regarding AT&T upgrades, and many readers are asking how to get the best price on upgrading to an Apple iPhone, particularly an unlocked version.  Not too long ago, the term "unlocked" when it came to cell phones was a bad word.  The term usually meant someone somehow hacked into the phone and made it work with any carrier, even if the phone was specified for a particular carrier. 

Now the cellular industry seems to be realizing the demand for unlocked phones and the freedom for customers to choose their own carrier.  In fact, unlocked iPhones are on sale at  This is a very convenient way to get an iPhone without having to renew or extend a current contract.  It also makes it convenient if you ever need to switch carriers, as the unlocked iPhones have no logos or branding to one particular carrier.

While purchasing an iPhone can be expensive, buying an unlocked iPhone is a great way to ensure you get more use out of such an investment.  We recommend the Amazon listing below which shows the absolute lowest price available on unlocked Apple iPhones.

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