Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Official: The Verizon iPhone 4 is Coming

It's been almost 2 years since we reported on the negotiations to bring the Apple iPhone to Verizon.  Well now it is official, and the tech world is in a craze now that the iPhone will be available to Verizon customers on February 10, 2011. 

Now that the news everyone has been buzzing about for 2 years is official, the next step is all the comparisons, arguments, complaints etc.  So far it looks like the Verizon iPhone will be pretty much the exact same phone that AT&T customers have, with virtually no changes/upgrades/differences.  In the physical phone there don't seem to be any changes out the gate, but many people have been hoping for another carrier to carry the iPhone all this time simply for the service.  The notorious dropped calls AT&T customers complain about is a major factor in possibly changing carriers.  Verizon seems ready to handle all the usage of iPhone users, whether they are current customers or customers switching from other carriers.

From our point of view, there are a ton of people out there who want the iPhone simply because its the cool phone to have, especially with younger people.  It will no doubt be all the rage with current Verizon customers who want the "new "in" phone."  No pricing has been announced yet, but we're guessing it will be in the same price range that the AT&T iPhone has always been, with some promotional deals no doubt going on to bring in buyers by the droves.  And another question, does anyone realize that once this initial craze is over, there will no doubt be a new version of the Verizon iPhone packed with all new features and Verizon content that will have everyone out going Verizon iPhone crazy all over again?

Are you a current Verizon customer?  Are you with another carrier looking to switch for the iPhone? Or are you happy with your current phone and have no interest in the iPhone craze?  Let the questions, comments, and arguments begin, and mark the date - February 10, 2011 - as your first chance to get a Verizon iPhone 4.

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