Monday, August 10, 2009

T-Mobile To Begin Charging for Paper Bills

If you have any sort of credit card or even phone bill, you know that you are constantly being asked by the company to "go paperless" and receive statements online only. This is a cost cutting measure for the company, which lowers the cost of paper and mailing, so of course they would prefer you go paperless. 

Well T-Mobile is taking it to the next level by beginning to actually charge customers who want a paper bill. The cost will be $1.50 for a basic paper bill. Currently, T-Mobile already charges customers $1.99 per month for detailed bills that include details on all calls and text messages made, so T-Mobile customers who want a detailed paper bill will now be charged $3.49 per month. Of course T-Mobile customers can avoid all the charges by going paperless and receiving statements online. 

This is a tough call on this one. Technology is making things like paper bills a thing of the past, but some people still prefer the old way for record keeping purposes, or some people still aren't computer savvy and want their bills the old fashioned way, except now they'll have to pay for it. The new charges go into effect September 12, so T-Mobile customers have about a month to decide to go paperless or pay up.


Dylan said...

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Lucchese Fantino said...

The problem is not details, customers are the problem

veber said...

Did they do it? Do they realy charge 1.5$. I hope operators in EU do it also, paperwork is time and money consuming. They do you a favor if they force you to go paperless.

Anonymous said...

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