Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Will Verizon Be Getting the Apple iPhone?

The answer to the above question is....quite possibly. News has spread that Apple (the maker of the iPhone) has been in serious talks with Verizon Wireless to sell a version of the iPod that would work on Verizon's network. Previously we have posted about the LG Voyage as Verizon's answer the iPhone, but now it seems that Verizon may be looking to add the real deal. 

The iPhone single handedly made AT&T the most popular cell phone company, due to it being exclusive iPhone carrier. Things could definitely be in for a big change if Verizon becomes only the second carrier to offer the iPhone. Verizon has done good business over the past year, even withoout the iphone, but with the addition of the ultimate smartphone, Verizon could easily become the top cell phone carrier. Some have wondered if Apple is thinking about completely switching over to Verizon as the sole carrier of the iPhone, but top Apple execs have stated that they are happy with their relationship with AT&T, so it looks like both Verizon and AT&T would carry the iPhone, and a huge competition for customers would be going down. 

Word has it that Verizon could be carrying the iPhone as early as next year.

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