Monday, September 22, 2008

Verizon Wireless Announces New Month to Month No Contract Plans

Verizon has made what's bound to be another popular move that will bring in more customers, and keep more of their current customers who may be considering going to another service, by now offering month to month cell phone plans with no contract. 

Customers can purchase a phone at full price, or bring their own phone, and use it on a month to month plan with Verizon, and have the option to cancel at the end of that month and be free of any early termination fees. Current Verizon customers who are still under a contract plan are also eligible to switch to the new month to month plan, but must still fulfill their 1 or 2 year contract they're currently under. This new plan is somewhat of a middle point between the normal 1 and 2 year contracts that most carriers currently have, and prepaid phones that are also popular. 

Now instead of going prepaid, and instead of locking into a long term deal, people can have a month to month plan without having to worry about buying minutes and keeping up with prepaid cards and buying minutes. This plan should be popular, as it's a much needed middle point, and Verizon is making a smart move by once again delivering more options to current and potential customers.

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