Friday, August 01, 2008

T-Mobile Now Features Parental Control on Family Plans

T-Mobile has announced their new "Family Allowance" feature on their family plans. Launching in August, this new feature will allow parents to control and limit their kids cell phone usage, and will cost 2 dollars to use. The feature allows parents to log on to the T-Mobile site, and set the minutes and texts used per month on a line, the number of downloads such as games and ringtones, etc. When the monthly allowance is reached, parents will receive notification, and can handle it from there as they see fit. This feature will give parents with uncontrollable kids a lot more control, as the kids who cant seem to stop texting, or the kid who goes hundreds of minutes over their limit causing sky high phone bills, will now find themselves cut off if they go overboard. This should be a popular feature, as every kid 10 or over, and maybe even younger, seem to have a cell phone in their pocket, checking it every 5 minutes for a new text, and we know they're not keeping track of minutes or messages, so now there is a better option rather than the big fat phone bill arriving, parents go through the roof over usage charges, and the kids phones are taken away until they're 18, etc.

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