Friday, June 29, 2007

Apple iPhone Madness!

Way back on January 9, 2007, our cell phone news page announced the forthcoming Apple iPhone that would revolutionize the industry. Well now here we are, approaching July, and the iPhone as predicted, is the hottest cell phone in the industry, with everyone inquiring how they can get one without spending half of their paycheck. 

Well, so far this multimedia masterpiece of a phone has been seen in numerous commercials, and basically everywhere you turn, but it looks like AT&T is going to be keeping it to themselves for a good while, and make their own money before allowing outside vendors/agents to sell the phone. Even though the phone is going for $499-$599 depending on the memory size, all reviews appear to be saying that while it may be pricey, it seems to be worth it. 

It's by far the most complete multimedia experience a phone has ever seen, with music, video, and web surfing that is beyond compare. We'll be keeping our eye on this development and will be sure to offer this phone on our site as soon as we are able, and until then we continue to speculate that this super phone may set a new standard that many other cell phone manufacturers will follow with their own iPhone type models that I believe will be popping up all over the place before years end, many of which you will see at before long! 

We have created our own Apple iPhone page which you can check for the most current updates on our quest to offer the iPhone to the masses as soon as we are able.

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