Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cingular IS the New ATT, Let the Transition Begin!

 When our small crew began, we spent countless hours planning and learning just how we were going to go about this venture. We knew that there were going to be a ton of different aspects we'd be faced with over time. We finally decided that the best way to go was to focus on one particular area at a time and do things right. Our first major decision was that the first cellular carrier we would feature and focus on first would be Cingular, due to its immense popularity, huge selection of phones, etc. 

For almost 2 years now we've been working on many aspects of search engine optimization and link building that is geared toward the different Cingular phones and plans. From family plans to upgrades, new plans to individual phone model pages, Cingular has definitely received the most attention and time from our company. So without a doubt, the news that the Cingular name is officially being dropped in favor of the AT&T name comes as a huge shock to us. as reported, the Cingular name may be used in limited areas but the main goal is to drop it completely. 

This will no doubt surprise some people, as I personally know some people that had AT&T a couple of years back, and when time came to upgrade their phone, they were told they had to change to Cingular. Well now they'll be glad to hear they'll be switching back apparently by the end of 2007.

So while we do carry all other carriers and have many pages dedicated from everything from long distance to broadband VOIP, our team is already in the process of freshening up the site with the brand new AT&T logo's visible already on our main page. Although our site has performed well over the past year and we're proud of the impact we've made in the top search engines, especially Google, we are fully prepared for this new transition and will strive to bring our customers more deals and options than any of the competition. 
This is our first major industry change that we've had to deal with in our 3 years of working in this business, so at first the thought of having to make changes and adjustments to all of our work almost brought us down, but in keeping with what we have built our site upon from day 1, we are keeping the "Eye of the Tiger" and will be implementing even more options and navigational tools that will keep us as a top competitor in the online cellular site race.

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